Effect and Restrictions
on Future Events

2020 What a year!


The events industry has certainly taken a battering over the last year, however all is not lost, as soon as possible we will be back giving audiences a fantastic experience, reminding them of how real live in person events can be and with that in mind it’s important to consider some of the potential restrictions events may have in the future.


Coronavirus Regulations and Rules are constantly changing so it is always best to confirm the current regulations on the government websites and keep updated until the day of your event to make sure you are complying. Here we have an overview of the main points worth considering when thinking about running events in the future, even once the threat of a virus has dissipated and how you will need to manage this with stakeholders/ suppliers and the attendees.



Give clear instructions on precautions you have taken and what they will need to do at the event, think about cancellation policies you may have if someone has to cancel and what you are offering as compensation, if any.



What are your suppliers policies for any regulations they need to adhere to and ensure they understand the restrictions in place you have on the event as organisers.



Work with the venue to coordinate and manage any restrictions, ensure there is at least one person who will assume responsibility for this onsite, making sure compliance to these restrictions is in place at all times.


Health and Safety

Ensuing someone at the event understand the overall health and safety requirements at the event not just for COVID-19 but for all potential issues.


Event Team

The event team and any temporary staff need to have a full understanding of the precautions and rules for the event, a good briefing for this with the team will help ensure everyone understands any rules or limitations.



Making sure all stakeholders are aware of any restrictions that will affect the event, how this impacts the event and them, for example any budget considerations that need to change whether thats increased costs, or lost revenue with audience limitations.