Effect of Coronavirus on the events industry

The pandemic of 2020 has had a devastating effect on the events industry and sadly we will likely lose more companies running events in the coming year.


With the ban on events from the 24th March in-person events haven’t be able to run, initially there was hope that 1st October would see events resume, unfortunately that wasn’t to be the case and only now at the end of the year are we seeing any hope of events restarting.


A few organisers moved their events online with varying success but I think most will want to see traditional events come back.  This will likely be with ongoing restrictions until a safer time. One of the worst hit events will likely be International events, mainly because of  travel restrictions in place they simply haven’t been able to go ahead, with the addition of different restrictions depending on the country and where the attendees are arriving from this would be especially difficult, and time differences making planning a virtual event not always possible.


There still is an awful lot of uncertainty in the events industry and it will be sometime before it is back to what could be considered normal, however hopefully we can try and get some positives out of a bad situation, with time to take stock of what events are actually running,  looking a new technology and ways in which events can come back revitalised and offering more to their audiences.

We wanted to look at a few different options for when events are allowed to resume and give a few suggestions on changes that could be made for future events.




There has been a surge in companies moving over to digital, coming up with new ways to engage their virtual audiences, if you look at how you can harness this tech to improve in person events this could be a real boost for the audience experience and make them really remember what attending an event is like.


Audience sizes


With events closed it’s worth looking at the amount of attendees you have at an event, more isn’t always better and with potential restrictions on attendees in venues it’s worth looking at if you might want to reduce the size of your event and offer a slightly different experience for those that can attend.




When events can go ahead again, it might be worth considering whether you make your event a hybrid one in the future, if you do want to become a hybrid event you need to remember to to cater for both types of audience, the in-person and online attendee as they will have different requirements but it could give a different audience a change to experience your event who might not have been able to before.


Difficult times are still ahead but the events industry is pretty creative and we are looking forward to seeing what they can come up with when events are back and live!