Essential Skills
for Planning

When you start thinking about a career in events, with subsequent studies for this type of role it is quite difficult to see all the skills you need to really take on the role. Until you are actually planning events you can’t experience the work or pressures of the role.

Here is an overview of the types of skills you would need for this role and how they relate to the events, we want you to be prepared for this type of role and have a bit more of an understanding of what to expect if you are thinking of events as a career.

Having the confidence to say no to what just isn’t possible is another skill you will need to develop, this can be something that is more difficult than it sounds, however sometimes it isn’t possible to accommodate all suggestions for events, whether that’s for costs reason or time scales, so being able to politely advise that this isn’t possible and seeing what is possible is really important, along with managing the expectations of stakeholders and all those involved in the event.

Some event roles with certain companies may require you to also sell or market the events so you may need some sales or marketing experience to take this on, but make sure you understand what is required of you in the role before you take it on.