Event Roles Explained

In the events industry job titles can vary depending on the type of company or organisation you are working for, if you are new to the industry or have been in one role for any length of time it can be confusing to understand which job roles you should be searching for, here we have a brief outline of the type of job titles you will see when looking for a role, although this isn’t definitive it should give you an idea of jobs titles and where you should be looking depending on the type of role you would like, always read the full jobs description of any role you are looking to apply for as they can include sales and marketing tasks as well as event management responsibilities.

This is one of the most common job titles you will see, this can be planning and organising any type of event. Various types of organisations and companies use this job title and it can be applied to most types of events, sometimes this job title can include marketing or sales responsibilities for the events you are working on so always check that job description.

The role of events operations will cover the logistics of the event, Which will likely be  budgets, booking and ordering suppliers and venues, sometimes signage and on the day logistics and running the event.

This job title is often used in place of the event manager title and is dependent on the type of organisation it applies to, this will likely involve the planning and organisation of the event, but it isn’t always as senior as an Event Manager role.

The project manager reference in this event role are usually used but event agencies who organise events for clients, this is very similar to the event manager role although you will have more involvement and accountability with the external client who owns the event.

This is a job title likely used by event agency’s much like the event project manager role and this will include the liaison with the agency’s client, sometimes this may also include planning and organising the event.

Assistant and Executive roles are usually supportive roles in the event team and they will usually work and report to an events manager, this is a great place to start if you are starting out in the event industry, where you can gain good experience before you take on the role of running the events.

Event Producers can be responsible for organising an event, but they are typically more content focused so this could include ideas and concepts for events, ensuring the production side of the event runs smoothly, i.e. stings/videos/live events.

Some events may require a content manager to research the content required for the event, this will be mainly forums, conferences, educational events and seminars, for this role you are usually required to decide the content based on the industry requirements, recruit and liaise with speakers, responsible for written content required for the event.

Many events in the corporate sector will have marketing managers responsible for promoting the events, this can also include promoting the company or organisations at other events, including sponsoring an event or exhibiting at an event, with potentially some organising responsibilities included

If you are undertaking this role, you will be responsible for selling the sponsorship/exhibition and partnership responsibilities and sometimes tickets for the event, this can be a range of events and will involve good communications and relationship building with sponsors, event partners and attendees