Helpful Tips and Advice on Finding Event Management Roles in 2021

The last year has seen in-person events banned, with staff and freelancers out of work or furloughed. It’s difficult to predict how many events will come back later this year, when hopefully the restrictions are lifted, but what does this mean for the individuals trying to find jobs or work in events management.


Pre-pandemic, if you were to scroll through the jobs adverts online you would find a range of events roles available. A great selection of different types of events or organisations, and a certain level of choice of roles, you could apply for.


Over the last year, this is drastically reduced, with very few jobs available and mainly focusing on digitally trained event professionals, this has left a very limited choice, and like all the events professionals out there, companies just haven’t known when they can resume normal business, coupled with a real lack of direction on when events can resume. It’s fair to say it’s been a hard year for all those involved in owning, running and planning events.


We have hope though, with the latest addition of a vaccine and a promising low infection rates, events (fingers crossed) can resume this year. But with a limited number of events on the calendar and many professionals applying for the roles available, this may well cause the difficult year to continue for many.


With a slightly uncertain future, here is some helpful information and tips, for searching for an event role in 2021, and what you can do to maximise your potential in finding a role or work in the future.


What to Look for?

It may be tempting to apply for every job you see available in the events industry, but this isn’t always going to be an efficient way of finding a role. It may be hard to hold back, but really do look for roles you have experience in, are they the events or types of organisations, similar to places or events you have worked with before, does it fit with previous work you have undertaken and think about how your current skills fit with the job description, and if you can apply them to the role.

How to apply?

Always, Always include a cover note, detailing how your previous experience fits with the job description, selecting several areas that you can directly relate from the job advert to you experience, whether this is certain tasks, organisations, or events.

Make sure you CV is updated and relevant to the job advert, make sure you highlight areas where your previous experience relates to the role, and do include if you haven’t had work because of coronavirus, but add in any projects, different roles or task that you have done whilst you haven’t been working. You may need to update your CV for each role you apply for, but you need to give the recruiters the opportunity to see your experience, and with the very high level of applications, they may not have the time to assess all they CV’s they receive so make it easy for them.

Be prepared to present?

Some jobs roles may ask for a presentation or task to be completed for the interview, and with more applicants this maybe something that increases, but don’t be put off by this, because this is an opportunity for you to showcase your skills, who you are and how your experience applies. Most people find presentations difficult or nerve wracking so take comfort in knowing it’s not just you, and that most people will feel nervous or anxious before a presentation, and with the additional of video interviews this can seem even scarier but don’t panic, even if you suffer technical difficulties (which always seems to happen when you really don’t want it to), remember this does happen for even the most seasoned professionals.

Other roles for the interim?

Can you apply your skills to other types of roles?

If there are limited job roles available, it might be worth considering taking a slight career detour whilst events get back up speed. Do some research online at different types of jobs and roles that you can turn your skills and experience to, there are a number of websites that offer descriptions on different roles, this might be a good place to start, and really think about the skills you have and how these could apply to other roles.

Consider changing your mindset?

It just may take some time to find another suitable role, so whether you take a temporary role somewhere else or not, be patient, which I know feels easy to say but hard to do, but know that we have been there and we feel your pain. Don’t spend all your time looking for roles, plan to spend a certain amount of time a day looking and applying for new roles, then close down the job search and find something else to do, start a new project or task, enjoy some time outside (if the weather is good enough) but try not to spend all your day searching for a role, this doesn’t help you get a new job any faster, you will find something, you just have to have a little faith in your experience and skills, and the right role will come along in time.

We hope you find this information helpful; we have been through the same thing as you and this helped us. Wishing you the best of luck for 2021 event professionals!!