Types of Organisations
Planning Events

When you look at the events industry you can see there is a diverse collection of events that happen every year, these are run by a range of organisations. We have put together a quick guide for the main organisations you will likely see whilst working in the industry and which types of events they are likely to run, It’s important to remember not all organisations work the same way and there are numerous event owners and you will see differences between organisers.


Event Agency’s 

Event Agencies typically run a variety of events for their clients, this can be corporate events, conferences or dinner events, along with stands for exhibitors or smaller business events for their clients.


Events run by charities usually centre around fund-raising or championing the cause for their specific charity, for example meetings with senior people within an industry to better understand a cause or issue affecting the area the charity is there to help, or a fund-raising dinner or outdoor race or sport.

Local Councils/Government

Community events can be organised or supported but local authorities and government, there are also business events like conferences that they would organise for internal and external government or council officials.

Non-for-Profit Organisations

These types of organisations can hold a variety of events, usually corporate events but this can be different dependent on the industry they are in, their focus typically is content based so they will be looking to offer knowledge and guidance for that industry.


Many publishers organise events that compliment their publications, this can can be a variety of events, from conferences to networking events or exhibitions, which will usually be industry specific.

Festival Organsiers

There can be many different types of festivals, from food to music and anything else you can probably think of.

Local Communities

There are local groups in the community that can organise smaller events, like fairs and sporting events, some of these can be run by volunteers.


Training and Education facilities can run in person events as well as virtual events for attendees or students, this can be in a range of locations and typically are in an educational format.