Selecting a Venue

One of the biggest suppliers you have when planning an event will be your venue and it’s important to consider what the best venue will be for your event.

Here are some important requirements you will need to consider when picking your venue.


Costs, the first step is to look at budget you have for a venue, this can be worked out but creating an overall event budget, giving you an overview of what the event will cost to plan and run giving you an idea of how much you can realistically spend on the venue once you included other suppliers costs.


Usually the venue will be your biggest expenses so it’s important to get this right.

Once you have an idea of budget, location is your next important consideration. Where are most of your attendees going to be based and how likely they are to travel to the event. You will also need to consider costs and convenience of travelling to the event, whether this is by plane, car, bus, train and tube. If you can planning an event that has a revenue attached this is a very important consideration, as you don’t want to put off potential attendees from paying to attend because the venue is no where near where they are based or not easily accessible by travel networks.


What is the event you are planning?

Is it a festival, conference, what type of venue are you going to require. Now you may think you should look at costs of the different types of venues first before you decide on how much you can spend but if you set your budget first especially if this is a new event, if the costs of the type of venue you are looking for are much more than you can afford, then this gives you a good idea if this event is actually a viable event, without your financial costs being influenced by the venue costs rather than what the event requires


Does the venue have the suitable space to hold your event?

Consider what else do they provide at the venue. Many venues can also supply catering, audio visual from in-house or partnered suppliers. There are also dry hire venues that will just supply the space and you will need to source your own suppliers, so take this into consideration when you are booking a venue.


Is the venue in keeping with the event?

Does this venue appeal to the industry the event is for, this is something that can be easily missed but if you want to hold a modern event, it might not always fit with all venues available. Is the venue flexible, there will always be changes at events and you need to make sure you understand how flexible the venue can be for your event so you can plan for this, for example some older venues can have limitations on what can be built or used in the venue spaces so it maybe something you have to work around.


There is such a variety of venues it can feel like a big job looking for one, but if you focus on the main characteristics you want from you event and not forgetting your budget you should be able find the right venue for your event.