What is Event Management?

Event management is the 

the planning and organisation of all aspects of an event.



Event Management covers all types of events, this can be Corporate Events like conferences and exhibitions to festivals, Incentive trips to outdoor experiences, promotional events and parties.


Event management has many disciplines and can go by many names, but essentially event management is project managing an event to a successful conclusion.

As with any project, event management covers all aspects of the project from initial planning, to budget management, booking suppliers, organising entertainment, performances or speakers, keeping and managing the project to set deadlines. Understanding all the requirements of the project, ensuring they are included and completed within the project to the correct timescales.


The difference you will find with event management and project management of other types of projects is the fixed deadlines that cannot be changed as the project must go ahead on the event date regardless, there is also high level of pressure to ensure the event happens as it should, Events are very visible projects, which means it is very easy to see on the day/s of the event if something hasn’t gone well which increases the pressure to get the event right.


Event management can be a rewarding job, where you can gain many skills whilst organising and running events.


If you want to brush up on or learn some good practice for events you can try our free online course, check this out on the courses page.