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Career in Events?
What to Expect

When anyone talks about events, it can be referred to as a fun job, or exciting. Not that it isn’t any of those things but generally if you don’t work in the industry you don’t tend to see the other side to the job, which can be very hard work, here we have listed some of the things you can expect to experience when working on events so you are prepared when you work in the industry.


What can you Expect when working on events…


Long Hours 

Sometimes this can be before the events, but predominately this will be when you are working on the event, this usually means early starts and not finishing till late and probably lots of walking around the event or venue.


Last minute changes

These will always happen, so you need to be able to handle quick changes, evaluate and make fast decisions quickly and with accuracy


Everyone expecting you to have the answer

As the one running the event it is likely you who will be the one asked all the questions, so it’s important to have a calm and patient manner.


Dealing with Complaints

These can come from sponsors/partners and attendees, so you need to be comfortable managing this.


Taking on more than one role

Having to take on all sorts of roles, whether this is last minute staff changes or a new thing that needs to be added to the event this might fall on those organising the event to make this happen and you may need to take on other roles whilst you are working on the event. 



With very specific expectations, you will need to appreciate that when you have clients or stakeholders who don’t plan events themselves they may not always understand what is required to put on an event, they may have unrealistic expectations, so making sure you can convey the right expectations is essential.


Things can go wrong

This could be an emergency or something not delivered to the venue, so you will likely have to come up with a backup plan and make sure it is executed, being able to calmly handle situations is a good quality to have whilst working in events.


But don’t let these things scare you

It is a fantastic job and can take you all around the world and work in some fabulous venues with some fantastic people, however if your prepared for the other side of events this will help to give you the confidence to work in the industry, the items listed above are only part of it and this really is a rewarding job!